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Exterior Wood Care, Inc.

Welcome to Exterior Wood Care Inc

Welcome to Exterior Wood Care Inc, F/K/A Deck Plus Plus LLC. We are expert craftsmen in restoring, refinishing, and preserving exterior wood since 2005. We work with all types of wooden materials:

Cedar, Exotic Hardwood, Redwood, Pressure Treated

As a part of restoration, or maintenance process, we DO strip and neutralize the wood surface, use light chemical pressure washing, staining and sealing. We also sanding decks and other horizontal surfaces. We DON’T build new, or rebuild old decks, but we can replace a few deck boards at your request

We’re completely bonded and insured. Washington business license EXTERWC893J1

Please  contact us via the following form, and we’ll get back to you shortly:

If you don’t like computers, and don’t use email at all, please give us a call at  (206) 355-3838


We started on-site estimates for the season of 2017


if your handrails are painted

If you’ve got the handrails on your deck painted it is not real good by our book, but it’s not the end of the world.

Unfortunately, we can not restore it to beautiful natural looking wood. Our wood strippers will not work, because it designed for sealers and stains, and sanding will not work, because there is no way to get a sander down to every surface.
Here what you should do:
 – Get a good painter contractor.
 – Make sure, they prepare surface properly. They should pressure wash the handrails with house cleaner and bleach, scrub all pilled paint, then apply a nice paint, or solid stain with the color of your choice.
 – Make sure you’ll keep about a gallon of this stuff. If vertical will last about 8-10 years, top of the handrails will ware out twice faster. You’ll need to re-touch the top of the handrails sometime in the middle of this cycle.
 – And never ever use paint or latex-acrylic stain on horizontal surface of your deck.


First project 2016 is completed

We love this deck at Mercer Island. Natural Cedar tone on clear cedar. Beutiful, isn’t it?

Natural Cedar tone

Tip from ExWoCare: The optimal temperature for the most sealers and stains to apply is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit

10 years in business

Exterior Wood Care, Inc, F/K/A Deck Plus Plus, LLC is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this month!
Hundreds of projects, hundreds of happy customers, great reviews on the Internet.

10 years clients map

2014 Showcases


IMG_20140521_123820 IMG_20140522_144104 IMG_20140522_175956 IMG_20140529_155123 IMG_20140601_155455 IMG_20140607_171728 IMG_20140717_164226 IMG_20140728_171442 IMG_20140802_151724 IMG_20140905_173439 IMG_20140909_144104 IMG_20140423_134235 IMG_20140430_165655 IMG_20140515_101910 IMG_20140515_170204


Defurring (light sanding) wooden surfaces

If chemical are used during deck restoration, wood might fur. Some companies coat it as is, other sand the wood. We use something different – defurring with nylon brush. It’s fast and beautiful, see for your self (on right side wood defurred):

defurring deck

Dock and barge at Pine lake project

IMG_20140604_123708 IMG_20140604_123741 IMG_20140604_133328 IMG_20140607_113855 IMG_20140607_164932 IMG_20140607_171713 IMG_20140607_171728

May 2014

Just another day at work.

Medium size deck needed a little love



Cleaned and ready for sealer



Ipe deck






Pretty large project with balcony and nice furniture set sealed in Dark Walnut



This deck was restored by our company 3 years ago. I proud we use a sealer this quality



Cleaned and ready for another 3 years


We’re booked for a month and a half ahead, but there is still time to order our service.

Desk Restoring went wrong

It’s very important to do the job right by the book. If  it’s deck restoration, it’s even more important. We stopped any restoration projects on September 15 last year. This spring we had a couple of requests for estimates from home owners, who got in a little trouble after work was done too late in the last fall by other companies.
This deck is ruined. It’ll cost a lot to redo it, much more, then original job: