Deck Restoration

Exterior Wood Care, Inc.

Driftwood Sealer on Cedar

We had an interesting project this May. The homeowner used a stain from one of premium names in color Driftwood. Although he applied it correctly, and had done a lot of wood preparation, the stain start pilling after less then one year. He decided to call professional woody. The Driftwood is not very popular among homeowners, and it was a big pleasure to work with this product. We were able to completely strip all surfaces and apply great product almost the same color.

Sanding Decks

We do light sanding on horizontal surfaces on  every deck we restore, thanks to new type of tools and some work we’d done to adopt this tools for our needs. But sometimes, light sanding is not an option, and in worse case scenario, we cant use a big floor drum sander on particular deck. In this case, our work turns to hell, but the results are great. Look how much sandpaper used to sand by hands medium size deck! This is 40 hours of sanding:


First project of 2012

This cedar deck is nicely washed and ready for sanding/sealing

After few days of nice weather we completed the project. Here how it looks in Mahogany (Dark Red):

Mahogany (Dark Red) on Cedar



Welcome to Exterior Wood Care Inc

Welcome to Exterior Wood Care Inc, F/K/A Deck Plus Plus LLC. We are expert craftsmen in restoring, refinishing, and preserving exterior wood since 2005. We work with all types of wooden materials:

Cedar, Exotic Hardwood, Redwood, Pressure Treated

As a part of restoration, or maintenance process, we DO strip and neutralize the wood surface, use light chemical pressure washing, staining and sealing. We also sanding decks and other horizontal surfaces. We DON’T build new, or rebuild old decks, but we can replace a few deck boards at your request

We’re completely bonded and insured. Washington business license EXTERWC893J1

Please  contact us via the following form, and we’ll get back to you shortly:

If you don’t like computers, and don’t use email at all, please give us a call at  (206) 355-3838