Deck Restoration

Exterior Wood Care, Inc.

Your Contractor Should Know

Below are a few questions that every qualified deck restoration contractor should know.
Contact Exterior Wood Care, Inc. to get thorough answers to all of these questions. 


Who will you speak with? Is this a person who will do actual job on your deck, or just a salesperson?
What procedures will they perform?
Are they licensed in Washington?
What causes wood damage?


What type of stripper do you use?
What do you use to clean mold and algae?
How do you strip latex and acrylic stains?
Why do varnishes turn black shortly after being applied?
What is the difference between brightener and neutralizer?
Can you strip with brightener?
What is pH balance and why is it important?
Will the chemicals you use for deck restoration harm plants?


What water pressure do you use for wood restoration?
Do you know what pressure you have?
What water flow rate do you have?
What is PSI?
What is GPM?
What does the color on the nozzle tip indicate?
What size nozzles do you use?


What type of sanders do you plan to use – a drum, wheel, rotation sanders, and what are the differences?
Do you sand forward or across the wood grain?
What is the smallest grid of sandpaper that should be used on the deck?


What outside temperature is the best for staining a deck?
Do you have a moisture meter? What is the unit of measure for moisture?
What is the optimal wood moisture level for effective staining?
How do you stain vertical surfaces? Should the stain be applied top to bottom or bottom to top?
How many coats of stain will be applied?
Does the stain you use include a moldicide?
How much UV protection does the stain offer?


How long will the stain or sealer last?
How should I maintain the deck?
What maintenance work do you perform?
Is stripping or sanding required to maintain a deck?



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