Deck Restoration

Exterior Wood Care, Inc.

Performance Lab

At Exterior Wood Care, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service, which means using the best products. Most companies claim to have the best products, but we actually put this to the test. In the Exterior Wood Care Performance Lab each of the potential stains and finishes that we consider using are subjected to weathering tests to make sure that they really are as durable as the manufacturer claims.

Below is a series of before and after photos that show the Performance Lab results of several different products. The first photo shows thin pieces of wood after they have been treated with stains. The remaining photos show the same samples after they have spent several months exposed to sun, rain, extreme weather, and biological agents, such as moss and algae. As you can see, some stains fair much better than others.


Each of the weathered samples is numbered for tracking. These tests help us decide which stains last longest and protect wood the best. After all, we want to make sure that only the best stains are used on your deck! Additionally, the samples used in our performance lab are always available for customer inspection. This can help you decide which treatment you would like us to use on your deck and other wooden structures.


The Performance Lab is not restricted to stains. We test all of the products we use, from brighteners to strippers and everything in-between. We even test the tools and attachments that are used in wood restoration projects. We believe that to provide the highest quality and longest lasting finish, it’s necessary to use only products that have been tested in the settings in which they will be used; these are the only products that we will allow to be used on your deck.



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