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Q: I am interested in a quote to have my deck restored. What kind of services do you offer?

A: We are an exterior wood restoration company. We restore wooden deck surfaces, cedar siding, wood furniture and other exterior wood surfaces. We remove any old stain, clean, sand and stain the wood. We also make small repairs like replacing a couple of deck boards. We don’t build decks or fix posts and deck structures.

Q: Do you do sanding?

A: Yes. In most cases we lightly sand horizontal surfaces to get rid of loose fiber before sealing the wood. In some stubborn cases, we sand instead of stripping to remove heavy latex acrylic paint/stain. Deep sanding generally costs a little more than stripping.

Q: How long will the project take?

A: For a small or medium size deck, if you choose full restoration (stripping and staining), we will come twice, with a drying interval of 3-5 days (depending on weather conditions). If you only choose a surface preparation, we should be able to complete the job in one day.

Q: What products do you use?

A: For most projects we use top-of-the-line penetrating oil finish, similar to Penofin, and TWP 100 – but better. We can also work with any transparent stain the customer chooses, but that may involve additional cost.

Q: How often will my deck need maintenance?

A: It depends on few things. If your deck is old, wood takes about twice as much stain (but it will last longer). Horizontal surfaces wear out twice as fast as vertical surfaces. To determine if it’s time to restain your deck, do a splash test. Simply put some water on the surface. If the wood quickly absorbs the water it’s time for maintenance. With the sealer we use, just wash the surface with soap, wait for deck to dry out, and re-apply another coat of sealer. This maintenance coat will require half the amount that’s required when a deck is originally restored.

Q: What are your typical hourly rates?

A: We don’t charge per hour. Our rates are per square feet, depending on your deck’s location and surface condition. Rails are challenging surfaces to work with. If you have many handrails, the cost of your job will escalate.

Q: Our deck needs repair. Can you replace a post, structure 2×8 board, and a few deck boards that became soft?

A: Sorry, we don’t large repairs, nor building new decks, but we can replace a few deck boards.

Q: We have a painted deck and its peeling. Do you paint?

A: Sorry, we don’t paint. We believe that paint doesn’t work on a deck; it actually does more harm than good. Our recommendation: get rid of the old paint by deep sanding, and then use a good oil product to keep the deck happy. We can certainly help with that project!

Q: Since the brightener is an acid, what precautions do you take to prevent it from harming things beneath the deck’s upper surface, including the pressure treated and painted joists?

A: The brighteners we use on your deck are safe for oil-based paint, concrete, and plants. Few brighteners on the market will harm your siding, joists, columns, brick or concrete patios, light fixtures, or plants.

Q: What about protecting items below the deck from sealer/stain dripping? 

A: We’ll cover all your plants, concrete, and ground with plastic. For siding and beams under the deck we wipe it down shortly after sealing. There should be no marks on your siding/beams after we’re done.

Q: Do you use the same sealer/stain on the pressure treated wood on the stairs?

A: Yes. We apply the same product after sanding.

Q: After you work on my deck, what should I use to keep it looking great?

A: The safest method is to mix liquid or powdered laundry detergent with cold water and scrub with a gentle brush.

Q: How many years can I go before re-staining?

A: For the first maintenance, 2 years for horizontal surfaces, 4 years on verticals. If you follow this schedule and use the same sealer we’ve used, you will need to do maintenance less frequently over time.

Q: Will you clean minor debris like twigs from between deck slats before you begin refinishing?

A: Yes, we clean gaps between boards before we refinish.

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  1. Terri says:

    We recently had our deck and a small vertical structure cleaned and refinished by this company. They are very professional, dependable and just a pleasure to work with. Don’t hesitate hiring them for your job!

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