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if your handrails are painted

If you’ve got the handrails on your deck painted it is not real good by our book, but it’s not the end of the world.

Unfortunately, we can not restore it to beautiful natural looking wood. Our wood strippers will not work, because it designed for sealers and stains, and sanding will not work, because there is no way to get a sander down to every surface.
Here what you should do:
 – Get a good painter contractor.
 – Make sure, they prepare surface properly. They should pressure wash the handrails with house cleaner and bleach, scrub all pilled paint, then apply a nice paint, or solid stain with the color of your choice.
 – Make sure you’ll keep about a gallon of this stuff. If vertical will last about 8-10 years, top of the handrails will ware out twice faster. You’ll need to re-touch the top of the handrails sometime in the middle of this cycle.
 – And never ever use paint or latex-acrylic stain on horizontal surface of your deck.



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