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Painted Deck Restoration

This is probably the worst thing you could do to your deck: Painting.
Painted decks are difficult to restore, because strippers we use designed to strip stains and sealers. Also, paint cover so many wood problems so it’s tough to say if your deck boards could be saved or need to be replaced. Most of the time you need to go with deep sanding to get rid of existing paint.

First step – Chemical washing. If you’ll do deep sanding on the deck you can skip this step, but for us it was interesting how much paint we can strip using our commercial grade stripper.

Before Chemical Washing

Us you can see a lot of loosen paint pilled off after chemicals plus pressure washing.


deck surface after pressure washing

Now we need some dry weather, which is not happening very easy on the North West.



I love Seattle, but the weather over here likes dirty jokes :(
I don’t start new projects for a couple of weeks now. Too many decks are waiting for the sealer, and I can’t do it in such weather. But, from the other hand I have plenty of time to play with projects like this. Here is a picture after  the first path of ALTO Clark drum floor sander. Sandpaper grid – 24. A lot of paths to go:



Yes, the live’s go on, and we’re finally done with this project. With a little help from mother nature we got summer…

Her how the deck look after we done with sanding:


Oh yes, few boards have been eaten by dry rot. There is no way to fix it, only replacing the boards…


And here it goes, the final picture: deck restored, and sealed with TWP-105, double coat using paint brushes and deck pads:


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  1. John Kelsey says:

    Would like a free bid to refinish a painted cedar deck ( square feet) in paint or stain depending on the price.

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