Deck Restoration

Exterior Wood Care, Inc.

Returned customer project

We’re doing 4th maintenance in 8 years on this deck. The homeowner loves our service, and doesn’t look for any other options. We maintain this deck in Natural Cedar tone, which gives a light fresh look. I remember the shape of the wood when we got there for the first time. The deck was sick, the fungus was starting it’s deadly work, slowly eating the deck. We replaced 2 boards at the beginning, and didn’t loose a simple deck board after that. I’m sure, if we continue regular maintenance, replacing the deck boards will not be an issue. BTW, this deck is under a lot of stress: big trees around, and a lot of moister. This is a real good test for the sealer we use.

Deck after 2 years of serious stress by the nature:


Deck cleaned and ready for sealer:



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