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We stopped using Cabot’s products

Summer of 2012 was the last year we used Cabot products on our decks. Cabot known as a great stain manufacturer for a long period of time. We used to use Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil on our ipe deck projects, because this sealer last longer on exotic hardwood, then other sealers.

Cabot changed their formula again (they did it at least 3 times in last 7 years, probably to be VOC compliant), and Cabot’s ATO became a very difficult product to work with. Cabot’s ATO still shows best performance in our test lab, but after understanding that the application cant be done with best quality, we decided to switch to another product. To find out which sealers we use visit our Secrets page.
Ipe Deck Cleaned and Ready for Sealer

Restored Ipe Deck Ready for Sealer

Ipe Porch Restored and Sealed with Cabot's ATO Mahogany Flame

Cabot’s ATO on Ipe


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